Things to forget, things to look forward to

2016 hasn’t been going too well, however the year hasn’t ended either. I’m
trying to stay focused and positive for what the year can bring as it’s
only May yet.

Since the beginning of the year I’m having hard times managing the balance
between workload at work/home and racing. My build up wasn’t as good as
last year; the weather during winter wasn’t as good, I had to be prepared
more early for Argentina and got sick several times in between which made
it hard to keep building up as I should have.

I noticed my heart rate wasn’t as high anymore as it used to be (max 150)
and I was unable to train or race like last year. I got tired very easily and
lost my motivation. I went to several doctors and it seemed I just
‘overkilled’ it which is hard to accept. Rest and listening to my body was
the only way I would be able to return, and so I took a break from everything…
It ‘sucks’ because my teammates are performing well and I really miss being
a part of that fun group.

Since one week I started racing again and seeing some small progress. In
between I’m still training on a low heart rate and pace. In my last race I
finished in the peloton on a nice 30th place which gave me a little hope
again. I’m taking one step at a time and hopefully we’ll get there, sooner
or later…

This week Dorottya returns to Belgium and I’m looking forward welcoming
her! Next race is on Sunday in Malderen, where I got a 5th place last year.

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