How my off-season is going so far…

Season 2016 has ended a while a go and I wanted to give you a quick update on my off-season so far.
2016 was a season I want to forget quickly due to the lack of results…
So to my big surprise, my team gave me a second chance and I was able to renew my contract towards 2017. Next year the team is stepping it up with some big name signings (Thalita De Jong, World Champion CX and Flavia Oliveira, Tour d’Ardeche winner).
Therefore I’m even more motivated to show the best of myself next year.
Due to my fulltime job I wasn’t able to enjoy a rest vacation so far this year, as all my vacation days were spend on racing.
In October I enjoyed a week off the bike in Turkey with my boyfriend.
In November we went to Prague and for my Birthday, at the beginning of December, we went to Dublin.

I can say my batteries are finally refueled and we are ready to work hard towards the new season.
I started working with a trainer (Pascal Cloudt from We-Train) who helps me to make progress.
Swimming, running, core, CX and evening rides on the rollers are currently on the menu.
At BikeMedical I did a bikefit to improve my position and I started training at a physiotherapist to improve my posture on the bike.

Ideally I would have liked to ride some CX races this winter but due to an injury in October (fracture in my leg) I needed to postpone that plan. Hopefully I’ll be able to ride my first ever CX race in January.

In February our first training camp will be held in Calpe.

I’ll keep you posted ?